The APO Hiking Society singer Jim Paredes reported to Philippine National Police about the death threat he received in his Twitter official account regarding to his tweets against Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay.

Jim Paredes twits Binay, gets death threat

The story start when Jim Paredes criticized Vice President Jejomar Binay on his tweets, then after that there's a man who tweeted him a death threat from what Paredes told to Binay.

But the death threat tweets that came from "Rex Vincent Tecson" was already deleted on his Twitter page. Fortunately, there are concern netizen who got the screenshot of Tecson's tweets.

The signer respond to Tecson that he came from PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group and reported him and added that he also make death threat to the President of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Paredes told that he will not be frightened by this incident and will continue to air his political statement online.

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Image From: Pinterest/ Jim Paredes
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