As Google continue to expand their business here in Manila, the search engine tech giant is yet again eyeing to hire more employees for it's office here in the Philippines.

Google eyes hiring more employees for Manila office

Google's Southeast Asia managing director, Julian Persaud remained confident on the country’s economic growth that is why he'll be expanding it's Manila office which opened last January 2013.

He said, “We (are) very positive about the Philippines. From a marketing perspective and from an investor’s perspective, Google is very bullish on the Philippines that’s why we continue hiring people.”

And adding, “We’re very pleased with the progress, and we’re excited about the opportunities in the Philippines because we know it’s an important market for the region. It’s [Philippines] still very solid in terms of its growth rates in much several areas, and in terms of consumer adoptions.”

However, Google Inc. did not disclosed as of now on how many employees they're going to hire in the near future, but I am sure that one of this day's they'll be posting career opportunities.

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