The Philippine men's national basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas will face today the national basketball team of Mongolia at 2:15 PM today, October 1, 2014. The live coverage of the game will not be seen on national television but we will update you from time to time.

Gilas Pilipinas vs Mongolia Classification Game Results, Highlights & Video

Again, the game between Philippines and Mongolia are the Classification Game for the 7th ranked place in Asian Games 2014.

If ever the country's national basketball team win against Mongolia, the team will put them at the seventh place over-all in the basketball tournament of Asian Games.

2:15 pm - Wednesday
Gilas Pilipinas vs. Mongolia = 84-68

And for the first time in the Philippine history, the men's national basketball team was placed them below the Final Four, since they started importing sets of PBA players to play for international games.



Hoping to get the 7th placed in Asian Games 2014. Please support our team with your prayers.

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