The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the death toll update on Friday, October 11, 2014. Ebola outbreak made more than 4,000 people killed in the worst virus cases and worldwide authorities are trying to prevent panic over the deadly disease.

Ebola toll passes 4,000 as fears grow worldwide — WHO

WHO said that there're 4,033 people have died from Ebola virus as of October 8 out of a total of 8,399 registered cases in seven countries.

The fears grew all over the world, almost all of the deaths have occurred in the west Africa, the hardest hit areas of the worst-ever Ebola virus.

According to Reuters, "The death toll includes 2,316 in Liberia, 930 in Sierra Leone, 778 in Guinea, eight in Nigeria and 1 in the United States. The data include one case each in Spain and Senegal but no deaths. A separate Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has killed 43 people out of 71 cases."

Ebola Outbreak: Death toll rises to 4,033 - WHO

Many countries are now very strict when it comes to screening passengers arriving from countries mentioned above, the US and Britain also boosted screening at major airports.

The Canadian government also advised their citizens to leave the west Africa countries while they're taking measure to protect their people from potentially exposed travelers.

The prediction of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the Ebola cases could reach 1.4 million by January unless strong measures are taken to contain the disease.

Authorities also warned against false information and hoaxes that may result confusion and panic. We should avoid any information that will stop us to be ready and prepared from this kind of situations.

Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization, the current Ebola virus disease outbreak is the largest since 1976.

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