Would you believe in a massive size crab spotted under the water and eventually dubbed "Crabzilla." The viral photo was first featured on a local site called Weird Whitstable. Is this real or fake? you decide!

50ft Crab dubbed as Crabzilla, Is it Real?

The allegedly 50FT crab was captured by camera hanging out near a wharf in Kent, England, the photo above was started making the rounds on the Internet earlier this week.

50ft crustacean, dubbed Crabzilla, photographed lurking beneath the waters in Whitstable

But according to Wafflesatnoon site, the picture was not real! the author posted the original photo that have been taken from a “Bird’s Eye” view on Bing Maps. 

'Crabzilla' or 'Crapzilla' -- You Decide

Another expert told the Daily Mail that the giant crab in the photo was hoax. He said, "The idea of a giant 'crabzilla' would [be] very exciting. Unfortunately, I think this is a hoax," according to Dr. Verity Nye, Ocean and Earth Science researcher at Southampton University.

Meanwhile, the Japanese spider crab is the largest known crab that existed and grow to as long as 12ft and weight up to 42lb, according to Wikipedia.

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Image From: weirdwhitstable.co.uk
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