France - The four-year-old boy was left alone from the apartment unit by his mother. Maybe when he bored from watching television, he went to the balcony and climbed unto the balcony fence and fell all the way to the ground.

French toddler falls from 9th floor and survives

From 9th floor apartment in the city of Saint-Etienne in central France then fell into the ground, the toddler was miraculously survived but with injury.

According to French media reports, the boy's mother was out shopping and leaving him alone in the room. For some reason why she left the toddler alone.

The boy was luckily crashed into a bush at the foot of the apartment block, which absorbed the impact from the fall, according to a witness.

After the accident, he was rushed to Saint-Etienne’s University Hospital where he recieves good treatment. The boy suffered a serious head injury and broke both of his legs but is not in a critical condition and will be able to walk again.

French Police still conduct investigation into what happened.

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Image From:  Google Street view
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