A tragic accident occurred in New Delhi, India. The 2 full of passengers express trains was collided in Uttar Pradesh state on Tuesday, September 30, spokesman Anil Kumar Saxena said.

12 dead as trains collide in northern India

According to Rappler, "the Lucknow-Barauni Express was changing tracks late Tuesday, when it was hit from behind by the Krishak Express."

The trains collision killed 12 people and another 45 are injured, according to Saxena.

He added that the Krishak Express train driver has been suspended due to the incident, they find out that the driver overshooting the signal.

Railways Minister Sadanand Gowda released his statement through micro-blogging networking sites, he tweets this, "It's (the) loco pilot's mistake, who neglected the signal."

The trains was full of passengers because of the Hindu festival of Dussehra on Friday, October 3, their country's national holiday.

In separate news, another accident happened in Utta Pradesh where the army helicopter crashed near Bareilly and the two pilots and an engineer was killed, according to India news agency.

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