You read it right! the video you about to be seen is not appropriate for kids, please guide them while your watching this shocking video of a toddler around 2 years old were the person behind the camera allowing him to continue puffing on cigarette, very alarming.

Shocking video of a 2-years old boy puffing on cigarette

The baby boy was encouraged to puff a smoke by the irresponsible adults while laughing, another sites speculated that it possibly the toddler's parents who enjoying what they are recording.

He knows what his gonna do with the stick of cigarette, probably the boy was living with the smokers family and he imitating what he seen.

According to Kickerdaily, "The family in the video is believed to be from Russia where smoking at a very young age is common and prevalent."

If you want to watch the video below, please don't let any children of any age to see this. Discretion is strongly advised.

Video Credit: The Guardian

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Image From: Youtube/TheGuardian
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