So you receive also a text message saying to turn off your cellphone because of cosmic rays that will enter the Earth from Mars? Well, worry no more because this is a hoax text.

Cosmic Rays Radiation Text Message is a hoax

The text message stated something like this below,
"I-off nyo mamaya lahat ng mga cellphones and gadgets 10:30pm until 3:30 in the morning kasi malakas ang radiation na dadaan sa mundo. Cosmic rays, nucli atomic ang tawag. Binalita ni kuya kim tsaka sa BBC News sa cable. Makakamatay daw, huwag itabi sa tulog ang cellphone. Please pass para ma-inform ung iba."
Many of my friends posted this message on their joined social network like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of them saying that there's nothing will loose if you try to turn off your cellphone in that particular time but i think there is something wrong with it.

We never know what will happen next if someone or your relatives wants to contact you for any particular reason.

I read the same article posted by Coolbuster that maybe those crooks or scammers will use it to lure  people and victimized them, he listed down the possible scenario.

Next time before you believe about any information over the internet be sure you Google it first to find out what is real or not.

For more information about the Cosmic Rays Radiation from Mars is a hoax, kindly bookmark this page and share to your joined social networking sites.

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