In the hometown and host of 2014 Asian Games is the next opponent of our national basketball team today, September 27, 2014. Gilas Pilipinas will face the one of its toughest basketball team in Asia, the South Koreans.
Gilas Pilipinas vs South Korea Game Results, Highlights & Video - 2014 Asian Games

This is the second game of our men's basketball team in quarterfinal round and it will go live at exactly 1:00 PM (Philippine Time).

The live coverage of the game can be watch on TV5 Kapatid network or if you prepared to watch it online, you may try this link.

We do hope that Gilas will win this match so that they may have a chance to go on semifinal stage.

Before this game, for those who didn't know yet, Gilas Pilipinas suffered from back-to-back lost. First they're defeated by Iran in 5 points then yesterday, the Qatar team leads 9 points.

According to news, South Korea won from its match against the unbeaten Kazakhstan team yesterday.

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This is sad but we have to accept it. Gilas Pilipas defeated by South Korea in 2 points (95-97).



Sunday, September 28

• 2:15 p.m. — Gilas Pilipinas versus Kazakhstan LIVE ON TV5

Meanwhile please support our national basketball team through prayers to win this game, Philippines vs South Korea - Quarterfinal

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