Philippines - ABS-CBN noontime host/actress Anne Curtis was included in the list of Smartest Celebrities on Twitter of the very popular international magazine. Time Magazine made a list of "50 smartest celebrities" who have used micro-blogging site.

Anne Curtis at 28th Rank of 50 Smartest Celebrities on Twitter

The actress behind the character role "Dyesebel" was spotted at the 28th rank and joining the famous celebrities in Hollywood such as Leonardio DiCaprio at 1st rank, Jimmy Kimmel 2nd, Jessie J at 10th rank and so much more.

Even though Annne Curtis had a lower rank, she still have higher rank than Oprah Winfrey at 42nd rank, singer/dancer Jennifer Lopez at 43rd and the international singer Beyonce Knowles at 48th rank.

Time Magazine come up with these ranking list through the used of Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG). SMOG has measured and analyzed the last 20 tweets of the 500 most followed celebrities.

Actress Anne Curtis become the most followed celebrity in the Philippines based on the TIME ranking with more 6.67 million followers as what posted.

Here's the 50 Smartest Celebrities on Twitter

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. Pattie Mallette
3. Jimmy Kimmel
4. Ludacris
5. Green Day
6. Samuel L. Jackson
7. Usher Raymond IV
9. Wyclef Jean
10.Jessie J
11.Kevin Spacey
12.Eva Longoria
13.Mike Tyson
14.Rev Run
15.Paulo Coelho
16.Seth MacFarlane
17.Paris Hilton
18.Pharrell Williams
20.Nicole Richie
21.Stephen Fry
22.Kendall Jenner
23.Stephen Colbert
24.Chad Johnson
25.Akshay Kumar
27.Lord Sugar
28.Anne Curtis-Smith
29.Scooter Braun
30.Ricky Martin
32.J.K. Rowling
33.Marshall Mathers
34.Mary J. Blige
35.Jake T. Austin
37.Rainn Wilson
38.Floyd Mayweather
39.Ashley Tisdale
40.Drake Bell
42.Oprah Winfrey
43.Jennifer Lopez
44.Kelly Osbourne
45.Giuliana Rancic
46.Worlds Dangerouz DJ
48.Beyoncé Knowles
Kelly Clarkson
Zach Galifianakis

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