Once again, people in Tacloban are becomes center of attraction in Youtube after the Belgian art director posted the inspiration music video. We all know that Tacloban and other areas in central Philippines was destroyed by typhoon Yolanda.

VIDEO | Taclobanons dance to Pharell Williams - Happy amid devastation

The video become viral, as of writing this, they got already 68,391 views which uploaded on March 11, 2014.

Filipino are truly amazing people, they can easily adjust their emotions and feelings to become good visual from others.

Watch the viral video of Quentin Musset, "Pharrell Williams - Happy - Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan "

Video From: Youtube.com/Quentin Musset

There's always a rainbow after the rain, true! you can never stop a person who wants to become happy even there's so much problem.

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