The 32-years-old Fil-Canadian singer Mikey Bustos did a fantastic act on his latest video uploaded on Youtube. He covers the Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” songs on acapella and tunog tao version.

Mikey Bustos on Wake Me Up music video cover goes viral

Who is Mikey Bustos? If you don't know him well, he was a seventh runner-up of Canadian Idol Season One and followed by many guesting and interviews on TV and Radio stations.

He become Youtube sensation because of his unique video tutorials about Filipino culture and tradition.

And this time, Bustos has made another huge attention to all although this is not the first time in the world wide web but you'll see the talent and skill of the person who made the music video.

You may watch the video below and see Mikey Bustos performed

Video From: Bustos

You can also watch him singing in the famous dance song "OPO Pinoy Style," a Gangnam Style parody and "Pinoy This Way," a Born This Way song parody.

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