The 16-years-old Filipino-Canadian student who invented the Flashlight that could change the world was the second placer in the 2013 Google Science Fair. Ann Makosinski invents flashlight that uses body heat.

Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World
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Makosinski gets Google's attention with her invention. Ann's Father said, "It’s a very simple project."

According to Ann, her invention's inspiration is the condition of her friend in the Philippines. Makosinski's friend don't have electricity in their native town and she thinks that it might help to come up with her Flashlight invention.

To make the story short, Ann Makosinski got a Lego trophy with a visit to the Lego Group headquarters in Denmark, plus the $25,000 scholarship.

You may watch her in the video below to know more about the Flashlight invention.

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