We never know what will happen to us, just like what happened to Miss World Megan Young and the chairman of Miss World, Julia Morley. They visited the  orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti last Thursday, October 31.

Miss World Megan Young Survives in Haiti Accident, MWO Chairman Suffers Serious Fall
 Screenshot From: Youtube.com/OfficialMissWorld

Luckily! Megan Young managed to survive from orphanage collapse floor. She only got few cuts and bruises.

The accident happened when Megan and Julia Morley visited the orphanage, when 20 children from the orphanage rushed towards her to greet them but suddenly, the floor collapsed.

Morley and one of the children named Jonathan are seriously injured. They're rushed to the nearest local hospital for a series of test. However, due to lack of machine to treat Morley's injury, she was airlifted by Air Ambulance from Haiti to Miami.

Young said, "We went into the orphanage hoping for a good day. I was happy that day and the children we were with seemed so full of energy and joy. We get onto this second floor platform, and we aren't even there for a minute and we hear a crack and everybody falls through."

And Morley described what happened to her and to others in the orphanage, "I heard a loud crack and then the floor started to side. My first thought was for the children and Mean. As I fell through, I remember catching some of the younger kids and breaking their fall. I landed on my feet but with the extra weight of the kids I fell back. Then came the intense pain and I knew something was seriously wrong."

You may watch here the raw footage of collapse at Haiti Orphanage.

Video From: Youtube.com/OfficialMissWorld

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