Sometimes in your life, you never expected that a negative moment could be a way for a big opportunity that can knock on your door instantly. Like what happened to the Red Lobster waitress who received a check worth $10K. Why? here's how?

Red Lobster Waitress Gets $10K Tip After Racist Receipt
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When the time that Toni Christina Jenkins, 19-years old waitress of Red Lobster, saw the receipt on the table, she was shocked because the word 'none' was written on the tip line and the N-word to the total line of the receipt.

So what she did was, Jenkins take a photo of it and uploaded to her Facebook account on September 10. In that moment, a man named Matthew Hanson saw the picture and take action on it.

Hanson is a founder of, he made an online fund raising campaign titled, "Tips for Toni."

He collected more than $10,000 and he gave it to Jenkins on September 30.

To make the story short, Toni Christina Jenkins received a whopping $10K tips after posting a receipt with a racist slur.

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