This is not a common scenario and if I'm in his situation, I would also try what the passenger done on the 2-seater plane. He successfully landed the plane even the passenger has no flying experience at all.

Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill

CNN News reported on October 9, the Humberside Airport spokesman Blair Jacobs said, 2 flight instructors were called to give the passenger on the spot flying lesson.

One of those instructors, Roy Murray was headed back to the control tower and gave full instructions to the passenger on how he will control the plane even though he wasn't familiar with the 2-seater aircraft.

A statement released by the Humberside Airport, "The passenger flew over the airport a couple of times and then was talked down by two flight instructors, and the emergency services were waiting for them when he landed safely."

The sad news was, the pilot died on Tuesday night. Police didn't gave any details on how the pilot died, but the investigation is still ongoing.

While the identity of the passenger was not disclose, he was only known as John.

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