Tragic accident happened in Laos airline on Wednesday, October 16, a plane crashed into the Mekong River and 44 people were killed, according to the Laotian government.

Dozens killed in Laos plane crash
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Laos airline officials said to Thailand’s foreign ministry, Sek Wannamethee, that the plane boarding 39 passengers and 5 crew and went down around 8km from the airport in Champasak province in southern Laos.

Wannamethee told to the AFP news agency, "I can now confirm, according to our reports, that all 44 people on board have died, including five Thai."

And according to report, the caused of the plane crash was due to the bad weather and tried to land at Pakse airport.

The crash happened around 4pm local time [0900 GMT], as reported by Thailand's English-language Bangkok Post.

Lao Airlines posted on their Facebook page the statement about the crash.

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