A whopping millions for the single winner of Powerball Jackpot worth $400 Million dollars in South Carolina. The man decided to remain anonymous for his protection of course.

Winning $400 Million Powerball Ticket Claimed in South Carolina
Screenshot From: fox4kc.com

According to CBS News, "South Carolina lottery officials told that the winner, from Columbia, presented the winning ticket Monday. Under state law, he does not have to release his identity."

Some source said that the Powerball winner went to gasoline station to get gas and buy hot dog buns, but the store didn't have buns and while looking around, he saw the jackpot prize of banner and choose to buy the ticket worth $20.

And South Carolina lottery officials told that the Powerball jackpot prize of $400 Million is the largest in their history.

The winning numbers combination are 7-10-22-32-35.

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