A total of 100 vehicle involved in massive car crash accident in U.K. this week with eight seriously injured. It's like a domino effect when 100 car collided as reported by The Examiner, Sept 5.

100-vehicle crash: Massive car crash in UK leaves 8 seriously hurt, none dead
Screenshot From: @NPAS_Boreham/Twitter

The caused of massive car crash was due to the poor driving from a couple of drivers that triggered the pile up, and a very heavy fog that made visibility low, said by Examiner.

But luckily, there's no reported of dead in the 100-vehicle crash.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service member said, "There are no fatalities but ambulance crews are dealing with a large number of walking wounded casualties."

Officials added, "Firefighters have used hydraulic cutting equipment to release five people from their vehicles."

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