We all know that Hello Kitty is the famous character by the company Sanrio. A female white Japanese bobtail cat doll favorites by young generation and later by adult consumers. But to see a Hello Kitty jet is something new, right? Well, the cutest-ever airplane made first visit in Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.

Screenshot From: upi.com

The Hello Kitty jet can accommodate 312-seat on regular weekly flights from Taipei to Los Angeles, according to UPI.com

Not only that, every passenger of this airplane will get a boarding pass with a stamped of Hello Kitty shape and they will walk through a Hello Kitty gate.

Taiwan's EVA Air is the company behind this Hello Kitty jet. According to them, they choose Los, Angeles to attract more foreign passengers.

The EVA Air statement said, "EVA chose Los Angeles as its first long-range Hello Kitty jet route to not only attract more passengers from the United States, but also to demonstrate the importance of the route."

Hello Kitty jet totally customized from the outside and inside look, from the foods, chairs cover and even pillows.

Aside from Los, Angeles flight, Hello Kitty jet was also have shorter runs from Taiwan to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Guam.

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