The 41-year old Filipina Nurse in Saudi Arabia reportedly died from deadly virus which commonly known as 'coronavirus'. DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) confirmed the news.

Filipina Nurse died in Riyadh due to the deadly Coronavirus

The Filipina nurse died last August 29, 2013. She was admitted to the hospital on August 12 after a fishbone got stuck in her throat, after 2 days she was discharged from the hospital.

But after 5 days, The nurse suffered from fever and coughing, then she was put on a ventilator on August 22 due to the developed respiratory distress. After 2 days, she was diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

DFA spokesperson Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez said, "Our embassy in Riyadh confirmed that a 41-year old Filipina staff nurse at a hospital in Riyadh died last August 29 and based on a medical report obtained, the deceased tested positive for the coronavirus before her death."

Last week, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) killed at least 3 people in Saudi Arabia. And reportedly that there's no vaccine to MERS virus, but experts are working hard to find other way of treatments.

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