A very tragic fate for the four students in the Spring High School in Houston, Texas. Especially to the one who was killed in the brutal attack. According to the report, it was a “gang-related” crime happened in school cafeteria.

Image From: usatoday.com

According to USA Today, "the students were involved in a physical confrontation. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia explains that the four students were stabbed with a 'cutting instrument.'"

The four students was transferred to Memorial Hermann Hospital, they're critically injured and remains in critical condition.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia said that the suspect is a 17-year-old boy only. They refused to identify the dead student but several sources identified him as 17-year-old sophomore, named Joshua Broussard.

The Spring High School sent out a recorded message attached to e-mail for the parents:

"This is an important message from Spring High School. Based on a preliminary report, a fight occurred this morning in the cafeteria. There has been one fatality and three students have been transported to hospitals with injuries. All other students are safe in their classrooms and will remain there while the investigation continues. Students will be released as soon as we have been given permission from the investigating authorities. We will call you again as soon as we have more details."

According to the news report, this is the second incident happened this year where students were stabbed in Houston.

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