A group of online advocacy asked pinoy netizens to participate in their so called 'Selfie protest' against Metro Rail Transit and the Light Rail Transit fare hike.

Selfie protest against MRT, LRT Fare Hike
Image From: totallymanila.com

Selfie protest is an strike online by individual who take a photo of themselves with anti-fare hike slogan or signs.

Usually, the photos must uploaded to any social media network like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

#SelfieProtest vs MRT/LRT Fare Hikes

According to the government agency, they eyeing to implement the increase in 2 years, P5 for every year.

Transport Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said, "LRTA has approved a board resolution. We are scheduling public consultations."

So here it is!, many netizens have already joined the Selfie protest, with the first batch of photos posted in a Facebook album.

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