I'm sure, you're looking for Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video, right? That video was uploaded by unknown person or someone on Facebook and Youtube. The spreading of the video links its like a blaze of fire were everyone like to view or watch the said video.
Image From: purlp.com

Chito Miranda admitted already that the video is their PERSONAL file and not for public viewing. And they asking to STOP sharing it to others.

According to them, the video was stolen from their hard drive and no idea who made that mistake.

The couple already asked help from the court and they will file case to whom or anyone who still sharing the so called controversial video.

To those who asking, who is Neri Naig? She is one of the "Star Circile Quest" finalist several years ago.

Chito Miranda is the famous lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar Band.

Again, I will demand that this is BAD to post the link of the scandal video or share it to others. Let's respect the privacy of one another, specially to those public figure person.

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