The major traffic delays in Truckee, California on August 23 was caused by I-80 sinkhole. But this is not so very big, only about 3-feet wide and need immediately fill-in because 2-lanes on the road had to be closed for safety precautions.

I-80 sinkhole closes lane of traffic in Truckee, California

According to Inquisitr, "the I-80 sinkhole is only about 3-feet wide but it has still caused a major headache for travelers. Two lanes were closed on the highway forcing major delays in the area."

Authorities still undetermined the caused of the sinkhole, but there's a report that the road was opened up on Friday morning during a paving operation near Donner Pass Road.

The California Highway Patrol are expecting the highway to be completely reopened by 6 pm tonight but it seems that they could have a problem when it's become available to all motorists.

Caltrans spokeswoman Rochelle Jenkins said, “Water invasively tries to find its way through things and doesn’t always make it through culverts, as much as we try… It has been developing for a while. Not something that developed over the week.”

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