Are you looking for FIBA Asia 2013 Team Standings for quarters and semifinals round? Well, you found the right page. And on the FIBA Asia Championships game for semifinals round, it will start at 5:30 pm today, between Iran and Chinese Taipei and followed by Philippines vs South Korea.

2013 FIBA Asia Championship 2nd Round Game Standing
2013 FIBA Asia Championship Game Standing
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Gilas Pilipinas won against Kazakhstan in quarterfinals round. So that they made the top spot in Group E. The national team will face the team from South Korea later this afternoon.

And here's the FIBA Asia 2013 Team Standings

Gilas Pilipinas 6 1
Chinese Taipei 5 2
Qatar 4 2
Japan 2 4
Jordan 2 4
Hongkong 1 5

Iran 7 0
South Korea 5 2
China 3 3
Kazakhstan 2 4
Bahrain 1 5
India 0 6

You can also view here the FIBA Asia 2013 Semifinals Schedule

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