Is he lucky or just a fortuitously when he found the 5.16-carat diamond at Arkansas state park, reported this Tuesday by NY Daily News site. The boy got the diamond at the Crater of Diamonds park that may worth more than a thousand dollars.

God's Glory Diamond found by 12-year-old boy
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The diamond is being called “God’s Glory Diamond,” and may be worth up to $15,000. The size is more like a jellybean and this is a rare jewel.

Michael Dettlaff, 12-year-old, he first found the diamond in July at the Crater of Diamonds park and this is a good news for him.

He said, “If it can get cut and it’s valuable, I think I’d probably want to have it cut and sell it,” then he said, “If it’s not, well, then it’s a souvenir.”

Well, good for him, at his young age, he might got plenty of dollars if ever he sell the diamond.

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