Miss Philippines USA 2013 Joanlia Lising is the most memorable candidate on that coronation night. And even she didn't win the 2013 Miss Philippines USA title, she made herself famous.

2013 Miss Philippines USA Joanlia Lising Answer (Video)
Image From: Youtube.com/ViralVideos24

The pageant night was held at Hayward, California last August 18, 2013, and Alabama’s Jasmine Sabio got the crown on that night.

Joanlia Lising was successfully included in the Top 12 finalist, however, on her turn for the Q&A, picking up the Question, "Among the five senses, what do you prefer to have if you could only have one? And why?," Joanlia lost her confidence on her answer.

Joanlia answer stated,  "Thank you for that wonderful question. If I have to pick out of five sense, I would pick seeing. Because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see, because seeing is believing. And believing into what you see is perfect. And, uh, out of all those senses, seeing... would really be wonderful, because… Thank you. That will be it."

Well, watch her video below and cast your own comment or opinion on the FB box below.

Video From: Youtube.com/ViralVideos24

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