A shocking incident happened during the U.S. holiday. The Fourth of July parade went wrong after the 8-year-old boy was killed by the truck that was being driven by his father, according to report by The Examiner.

Fourth of July accident: 8-year-old run over by dad in 4th of July parade
Image From: examiner.com

According to Police report, "during the LibertyFest week-long extravaganza, the father’s son (who had been previously standing atop the float with over 20 other children) either fell from the float or jumped off. The float was being driven by the father as part of a trailer that sponsored the town’s local martial arts program, AKA Karate."

The accident happened in the Fourth of July, where the 8-year-old boy was run over by the parade trailer.

The boy was rushed to the nearest hospital but he was already dead. The city police believed that the boy’s death was “a unfortunate, simply horrific” accident.

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