A tragic incident happened to a woman inside her home in New Jersey. The brutal attack by a man with a 5-foot-11 height and 210-pound weight to a poor woman in front of her three-year-old daughter, according to report by the UPI site.

New Jersey home invasion captured in frightening nanny cam footage  
Image From: Youtube.com/AmazingNewzdaily

New Jersey Police is now hunting the man who entered the home of Millburn mother last Friday morning.

The unidentified mother told to press, “He brutally beat me in front of my daughter,” then she added, “she watched the whole thing.”

According to the New York Daily News, the attacker stole an undisclosed amount of jewelry from the woman's bedroom and asked her for her pocketbook.

The Family decided to give the video footage to the authorities so they can easily arrest the man behind the crime.

You can watch the video of the man who attacked the Millburn mother in front of her daughter.

Video From: Youtube.com/AmazingNewzdaily

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