A very controversial auction is currently circulating in the internet. Fingernail of Hollywood singer Lady Gaga is being auctioned, as reported by The Examiner site this Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

Gaga fingernail $12K: Shocking price for Lady Gaga's acrylic nail 
Image From: examiner.com

According to site report, "Gaga fingernail $12K auction has already gotten nearly 3,000 views. Incredibly enough, some collectors — and no doubt fans of Lady Gaga, or Mother Monster, as her followers sometimes call her — is going for a cool 8,500 pounds (which roughly translates to well over 12 thousand dollars)."

If I'm going to sell that fingernail to you? would you going to buy it? 

The ArtFact auction listing noted that the winning bidder will also receive a letter from the crew member explaining how he obtained the nail.

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