Watch what will you post guys! this 18-year-old boy now in prison because of his terror post on Facebook. As reported by The Examiner, Saturday, June 8, 2013. Cameron D'Ambrosio spent one month in jail for his Facebook post.

Facebook terror post: Jail for calling White House a ‘federal house of horror’ 
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Cameron D'Ambrosio post and called the White House a "federal house of horror."

According to post, “A kid is in jail. Away from his family. All for some rap lyrics he posted on Facebook. The prosecution is dragging their feet, and have said they're ‘not ready’ to show probable cause.”

Cameron posted the said statement on May 1, 2013, he also included the reference to the Boston Marathon Bombing in his post.

The Examiner posted that Cameron did not intent to gain fame as a terrorist but as a rapper.

After so many hearing, Cameron was finally free, at least for now, after his sister testified in court that her alleged Facebook post terrorist brother was in fact no threat to her or anyone else.

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