Is this Miracle or just a new technology? In Melbourne, a man who was dead for 40 minutes and brought back to life in Australia hospital, according to report by The Examiner site.

 Dead for 40 minutes: Coming back from the dead not just for zombies anymore
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A 39-year-old Colin Fiedler, who was suffered from cardiac arrest and died for forty minutes. But thanks to the new technology that his doctor done to him.

When the time that Fiedler suffering from heart attack, the ambulance asked him on where of the two hospitals he want, he choose the Alfred Hospital.

Luckily, Alfred Hospital is the only one in Australia today that offers the life saving procedure, according to the site.

The two new technology are the mechanical CPR machine and the portable heart-lung machine.

The CPR machine performs constant chest compressions while the heart-lung machine keeps oxygen and blood flowing to the patient's brain and vital organs.

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