CSC or Civil Service Commission on April 2013, officially released the Career Service Professional Examination and Career Service Sub-Professional Examination Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT). The results of the CSE-PPT passers list can be viewed below upon availability.

April 2013 CSC Civil Service Exam Results
CSC April 2013 Civil Service Exam Results  
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Usually, Civil Service Commission release the results within 45-60 working days.

Civil Service Commission said, "to establish a register of eligibles from which certification and appointment to the second and first level positions in the civil service shall be made, provided said eligibles meet the qualifications and other requirements of the positions."

The roll of successful examinees in both professional and sub-prof levels will be listed below and by region.

You may see below the links of Civil Service Exam passers by region :

You can now view here the Top 10 Civil Service Exam Passers

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