There's a saying that 'the key to man's heart is through his stomach,' but if the food is bad, I don't think if it will be the same. A Japanese chef working on the Japanese-Italian restaurant killed over bad meal, according to report by Global Post site.

Chef killed over meal: Chef killed by drunken patrons over meal in brutal attack
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Miki Nozawa, 57-year-old, died after the Sunday fight and resulting into brain hemorrhage.

According to German press, "the customers 'didn’t like the meal' – which reportedly included fried noodles with vegetables and beef – and asked for their money back." The meal was cost 10 Euros.

Police reported that the two men ages 50 and 36 are been questioned about the said case.

Unfortunately, the two men are not charged for that case because the prosecutors do not believe to the cause of the chef’s death.

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