We never know what happen next to our lives, as what The Examiner site reported on car accident in California. A teen boy supposed to head on a trip with his five friends to the beach but he missed it, his friends died in car accident.

Teen misses trip, friends killed in shocking car crash 
Image From: examiner.com

The 17-year-old, Tamar Mosallam couldn't make it to the trip because his father prohibit him to go with his friends.

Mosallam said. "I was supposed to be with them in the car, that's why there were three girls," he added, "They came to my house but my dad wouldn't let me go out because I was studying for a test."

The Police investigation is still on going, they believe that speeding is the main reason why the car split in two and catch on fire.

The Irvine High released a statement declaring their sadness and shock over their students.

"There are simply no words to convey the sorrow felt by our students and staff, nor are there sufficient answers to explain the loss of five vibrant teenagers from our schools and this community."

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