Banned baby names in New Zealand

As CNN site reported the news in New Zealand that the name 'Lucifer' cannot be register as your baby's name. Even the Christ or a Messiah are not allowed in the government of New Zealand.

New Zealand's list of banned baby names include Lucifer
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The New Zealand Government officials released the list of banned baby names and with how many times tried to register since 2001.

Justice-62, King-31, Princess-28, Prince-27, Royal-25, Duke-10, Major-9, Bishop-9, Majesty-7, J-6, Lucifer-6, Knight-4, Lady-3, Judge-3, Royale-2, Messiah-2, T-2, I-2, G-1, Queen-2, Sir-2, II-2, III-2, Jr-2, E-2, V-2, Justus-2, Master-2, Constable-1, Queen Victoria-1, Regal-1, Emperor-1, Christ-1, Lord-1, Juztice-1, 3rd-1, C J-1, Roman numerals III-1, General-1, Saint-1.

(full stop)-1, 89-1, Eminence-1, M-1, VI-1, Mafia No Fear-1, 2nd-1, Majesti-1, Rogue-1,4real-1,* (star symbol)-1, 5th-1, S P-1, C-1, Sargent-1, Honour-1, D-1, Minister-1, MJ-1, Chief-1, Mr-1, V8-1, President-1, MC-1, Anal-1, A.J-1, Baron-1, L B-1, H-Q-1, Queen V-1, using brackets around middle names-4, using back slash between names-8.

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