A very lucky woman in Toronto who thought that she only won $40,000 in her winning ticket but the truth was she won $40 million, according to report by The Epoch Times site.

Woman Wins $40M, Not $40K in Lottery
Image From: examiner.com

According to Maria Carreiro, she told to reporters “I went home and I told my daughter, ‘Oh, I won $40,000! I won $40,000!.’”

But later she realized and learned that she won $40 million and not $40K.

Carreiro said, “It said $40 million and then I go: ‘Oh my God,’” she added, “And I ran back up the street, home and then I go: ‘I need a glass of water.’ So I drank a glass of water and said: ‘Let me go sit down and relax.’ And that was it.”

According to CNN, "Carreiro, an immigrant from Portugal, bought the ticket last Friday at the Variety and Video store in Toronto."

Congratulations to Carreiro Family and I hope you spend and save the $40 million wisely.

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