Looking for business? you want to start business with minimal capital? I have here and I want to share it with you. This is not unique business but this is first from SUN Cellular promotion. They called it Sun XpressLoad Pro Onlinegosyo.

Sun XpressLoad Pro Onlinegosyo
You can Earn extra income and sell Sun load through an online account
  Image From: sunbusiness.com.ph

The Sun XpressLoad Pro Onlinegosyo is an online business where you can sell SUN load without using your phone and retail sim. Just access your account online and sell it automatically.

Of course you will think that you need PC and internet, Yes indeed! Because from the word itself "Sun XpressLoad Pro Onlinegosyo."

How to register?

1. Go to SUN Cellular SHOP
2. Bring your requirements such as: 1 Valid ID and P2,700 for your initial 3,000 Sun Retailer Load.

This online business is very fit to those who have Internet Shop and of course this is available for all.

For more details, you can contact SUN Cellular at 395-8776. Take note! this is not a paid post from SUN Cellular, we only want to give you an idea about this promo.

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