Authorities said that the New Jersey toddler shot his friend in head. The 6-year-old boy was shot in the head by his 4-year old friend, using .22-caliber rifle on Monday night, according to report by The Epoch Times site.

NJ Toddler Shoots Friend in Head; Boy in Serious Condition
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Until now, the caused behind the tragic incident was unclear, if the 4-year-old boy pulled the trigger or if the weapon accidentally discharged while playing it.

Police Chief Michael Mastronardy told AFP, “The young boys were playing,” then said, “the 4-year-old went into the house, retrieved the rifle from within the house: a .22 caliber rifle.”

He added, ”A shot went out, and the six year old was struck in the head.”

According to Police, the boy shot his friend at 40 feet distance.

The victim was rushed to the Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. The 6-year-old boy described as in “serious” condition.

Police Chief Michael said, “Right now, we’re keeping this child in our prayers, and I ask everyone to do the same.”

Let's pray for the boy to survive to this kind of incident. Prayer is powerful and this is the only way we can do to help.

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