A very shocking story exposed in India where a newborn baby was sold online using popular social networking site Facebook. The man was caught buying a baby for almost $15,000, according to The Inquisitr site.
Kidnapped Newborn Baby Sold On Facebook in India
Baby Sold on Facebook After Mother Was Told He Was Stillborn
Image From: thestir.cafemom.com

Local Police told to press that the Grandfather named Feroz Khan, kidnapped his grandson from the boy’s mom in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Feros told his daughter that the baby was stillborn, he then sold the newborn to a nurse who also sold the child to a hospital lab technician. To make the story short, the lab technician uploaded the newborn photo on Facabook and sold it. The man saw the post in the wall and he got interested to buy it.

The mother of the baby got an idea that her baby have been sold by his father because she got money from him.

After that, Police got a report about the kidnapping incident, they find and arrested the Grandfather and the other accomplice, including the hospital employees who purchased and posted on Facebook.

The Grandfather wanted to arrange another marriage for his daughter so that he decided to sold the baby, according to Police.

A very alarming incident nowadays, so be careful everyday and be vigilant whenever you use internet or other social networking site. Report immediately if you encounter illegal activities.

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