The Duchess Kate Middleton controversial photo published in European tabloids last year has now under formal investigation in legal process. The French publishing group including the director of news paper and photographer are facing breach of privacy lawsuit filed by the royal couple.

Duchess Kate Middleton topless tabloids Pic
French publishing group, newspaper director and photographer under investigation over topless Duchess Kate pics
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The topless Duchess Kate pics taken last September 2012, when she was sunbathed on a chateau’s terrace in the south of France.

According to French officials, they immidiately banned the tabloids with a topless pictures and started the investigation.

The Mondadori France publishing company is under formal investigation for the said criminal probe, they publishes Closer magazine.

Prince William and Duchess Kate spokesperson said on Wednesday, "The only comment we'd make is that the ongoing legal process is a matter for the French authorities."

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