The dog without food and water is not good, and worst of all, locked inside the car for 6 days with a temperature of 60 or under 40 degree celsius is really bad. That is the expected temperature in Tacoma, where the dog named Zipper left inside the car.

Dog survives being left in a car for 6 days
Little Dog survives being left in a car for 6 days
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Zipper is a little dog that trap inside the car parked at Westwood Village in Seattle.

The security guards saw the little dog inside the car they immediately called 911 for help.

Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt said, "the dog appeared frightened and was shaken and appeared to be in distress."

They found the car owner but he is not the owner of the dog

Renee said "that's a big concern for us, and that would actually be animal neglect."

This is a serious incident, being left with no food or water for a day is danger to a little dog that could have resulted in his death,

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