This is not the first successful womb transplant in the world but they deemed this as "medical miracle" for Derya Sert who gets pregnant after 2 years of operation, according to report by Yahoo! Shine site.

Womb Transplant Patient Derya Sert is Pregnant, Confirms Doctor
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Sert's Doctor, Mustafa Unal said, “We are glad to inform that she is indeed pregnant. But she is now just at the beginning of the pregnancy period. We hope everything goes well until the end of the pregnancy.”

Derya Sert, 22-year-old born without a uterus (a condition that inflicts 1 in every 5,000 women around the world), according to Shine.

Mustafa Sert said, 35-year-old, "We were happy after the transplant. We want a healthy child. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl,” he added, “With God’s help we will have a baby thanks to this process.”

According to her doctor, the baby is expected to be delivered via C-section and Sert will have the uterus removed after the birth to avoid complications.

Hoping that this operation was successful because thousands of women out there are unable to have children because they were either born with no uterus or had them removed for medical reasons.

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