Since 2010, Airpocalypse in China killed 1.2 million people. This was according to the new study reported by The Examiner. Airpocalypse was also known as Air pollution.

Airpocalypse in China kills 1.2 million: Who’s to blame?
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According to source, "China’s toll from pollution was the loss of 25 million healthy years of life from the population."

The air pollution in China was so bad according to the environment expert. All people their need to wear mask while walking.

One resident told to reporter, “I felt really helpless, and the only thing I could do was find a way to express it. I bought the gas mask and wore it on my face to send two messages: one was to let people know how disgusting the situation in Beijing is, the second was to say that every person has the ability to save themselves.”

According to CNN, "people in China believe that air pollution not only needs to be addressed, but that’s it’s a problem that has gotten out of control."

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