The 97-month is almost eight-years, Now! some car buyers, banks, and auto sales companies thinks 97-month Car Loan Payments is good and as a matter of fact, its becoming an important trend in U.S auto industry.

97-month car loan: Less car payments with 8-year car loan

According to The Examiner site, "offering a 97-month car loan is becoming an important trend that is 'rippling through the U.S. auto industry'."

They added that 97-month car loan appears to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In this situation, many auto industry can attract more car buyers who would enjoy the longer terms of payment in a low cost of monthly amortization.

But the downside of this 97-month Car Loan Payments is you need to spend many months or 8-years to completely paid the deal.

While other car dealers who are concerned about selling less used cars still have mixed feelings about the extended car loan.

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