A very shocking incident occurred in California, USA, April 27, Saturday. The poor little girl was stabbed several times inside her home when the intruder came inside the house. The 9-Year-Old girl killed by intruder, according to the report by The Examiner site.

9-year-old killed by intruder update: 'Huge manhunt' underway
9-year-old killed by intruder update: 'Huge manhunt' underway

Its a huge manhunt declared in the Valley Springs in Cavaleras county, northern part of California.

According to spokesperson of Calaveras County Sheriff's office, "We're doing a house to house search and in some cases we're searching extensively into attics and storage sheds. It's a difficult area to search. It's rural, it's remote."

The little girl was found by his 12-year-old brother and he called for help, the 9-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital but announced "dead on arrival."

The investigation was on going and the intruder's motive was still unknown.

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Image From: examiner.com

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