The 78-year-old Boston runner was near the marathon finish line when he was knocked down by a very large bomb blast. He was actually caught on video that was uploaded on Youtube by The Boston Globe.

The 78-Year-Old Runner Behind the Boston Blast
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As you can see from above images  the 78-year-old Boston runner named Bill Iffrig, of Lake Stevens, lying in the marathon road.

He said to The Herald of Everett, "It was only 5 feet away from me," he added, "It was really loud."

The old man was so scared from the Boston Marathon explosions experience, he told that the incident was a close one.

According to his son Mark Iffrig, "he was tracking his father's race progress online and didn't realize what had happened until he went on Facebook to post about his dad finishing the race. He quickly turned on the TV and called his dad," he told to The Associated Press.

If you like to watch the actual bombing in the Boston Marathon, just click here.

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