A proposed law by lawmaker in Nevada is now circulating online. Mr. Harvey Munford introduced 'texting while walking ban,' if that bill passed into law, it will make illegal to text and walk at the same time, according to the report by The Inquisitr site.

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Munford said, "Assembly Bill 123 could be applied to city streets, state roads, and residential areas."

According to the lawmaker, the penalty woulld be a warning for those first-timers then followed by a pricey ticket of $100 for second offense and $250 for the third offense.

The Nevada’s proposed law may seem strange but it isn’t the first attempt to punish oblivious pedestrians.

In the recent study, it shows that texting while walking was found to be the riskiest behavior, according to the lawmaker.

Here's the sample risk of texting while walking

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